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Enercure Health
Algorithmic Intuitive Method is a holistic technique which combines energy healing, reflexology, and Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT).
Here are some unedited client testimonials, in order of most recent 

"Thank you very much for the session.  My back felt much better afterward. I think it helped release a lot of stress as well. It was amazing how when you were hitting certain points  I could feel it throughout my body. It was amazing what you were able to tell..." -- J. Wannat, NJ

" I wanted to thank you for yesterday's session. I definitely feel a difference with myself. I looked up sacral chakra and like you said, a lot makes sense now. I have to say, I feel a relief in my lower back as well- which is amazing. I've been in a lot of pain for a while so I'm excited that finally I feel some relief" -- Michelle S., NJ

"Tessa was very professional and caring. I left feeling energized and will recommend to family and friend" -- Groupon customer

"Tessa was awesome, will definitely be going back" -- Groupon customer

"Professional, on time, and good at what they do" -- Susan S., NJ

"Tessa made us very comfortable and took time to speak with us about the reflexology treatment, rather than simply treating us and sending us on our way. Very refreshing." -- V.Neinhouse, NJ

"I absolutely LOVED it. Tess was an absolute darling. I couldn't imagine a friendlier therapist/healer. She is extremely skilled n had a truly amazing touch. " -- Anna G., NJ
foot reflexology chart
"It felt great, great, great!" -- Youcanthrive.org staff, NY
"I don't know what you did to me last night, but I tell you what I feel GREAT. I got home and I was about to send you an e-mail. That was the last thing I remembered, I was knocked out by your healing hands LOL. I guess I needed it." -- Jose T, NJ


"It was a great experience yesterday with your process of reflexology healing. After quite sometime I felt very energetic and gave more power to the areas of problem."- D. Gupta, NJ

"My aching muscles were much relieved since I had sessions of Reflexology and Reiki done"-- Joyce L., NJ
"Yes, I did feel sensations after i left your home. I liked the light touching the best (Reiki). The session was definitely interesting and yet, as I'm sure you know there was more therapy that I needed to fulfill my goals..."-- Michael J., NJ
"We are grateful that you came. The Lord has sent you our way for a special reason..." -- Reverend N.Legay, NJ
"I luv u and ur spirit Tessa! God bless u and forever Thank u. I feel a load lift and a tingley sense of warmth thru my body right now . I'm blessed and still the energy being dispelled while in the position u left me. Its strange and overwhelming, I had to open my eyes to make sure I was still here Tessa! " -- Leslie J., NJ
thrive "Thank you GOD for sending the young lady. I am healed and cane-free to this day.” "I appreciate all that you have done for me. I lost a few pounds and I feel great!"-- Mattie J., PA
"My husband had glaucoma surgery in both eyes and wore glasses all his life but he told me that since the young lady(Tessa) laid hands on him, he's been getting great reports from his eye surgeon who told him whatever it is he's doing, keep doing it! He no longer needs his glasses and his vision is almost 20/20!" -- Mattie J., PA

"Thanks for today..I have alot more energy..went to the gym and haven't stopped. Still feeling calm and relaxed....with more energy than I have had in several weeks....you are the best! " R.K., NJ


"Just wanted to let you know that since we met I've been doing so much better.Thank you" --  Roxy A., NJ

Healing on every life area level can occur, so why not set up a session today to experience how it can help you?

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