Enercure Health


Enercure Health


Tessa LaRose has developed the Algorithmic Intuitive Method dubbed
A.I.M™   technique, which draws from the modalities of
*reiki energy healing, *reflexology, and *EFT
which she originally had practiced and studied for years.

 (* explanations of each modality is found in our FAQ section)

You are not simply a physical existence, but you house a metaphysical essence/spirit with thoughts and feelings. Holistic medicine is Mind-Body-Spirit medicine because it accounts for you as a WHOLE person.  This unique technique touches on all 3 levels:  physical, emotional/mental, spiritual in order to bring complete healing and transformation to you.

Please note that this is not somatic bodywork/massage therapy.
Massage therapy focuses solely on physical muscle relaxation and causes release of cellular toxic buildup.

$85 per session    AIM Technique         
$55 Reiki  only        
$65 1-hour Reflexology only        $35 1/2 hour Reflexology only


Individual Coaching:

When your mind is right your body will follow. Holistic coaching is all about guiding you on the path to achieving balance and health in all areas of your life by using the Mind-Body-Spirit approach.

You are a spirit essence housed in a physical body possessing mental and emotional capabilities. The summary of these levels makes you who you are.

Everyone is different, therefore this service is individualized and highly personalized to help you live a balanced lifestyle which will aid in achieving optimum well-being.

Weight loss, management, and lifestyle transition is the purpose of coaching.

Note: For specific meal plans, seek out to a certified nutritionist or Ayurvedic counselor.

(4) Telephone and/or in-person sessions per month with unlimited email access, includes assessment, calculations and plan       

(One time payment) Price: $75

Executive coaching Group Lecture :

Rising healthcare costs and premiums are also a major reason for employers to offer wellness programs. 

Wellness programs that are implemented in the workplace are shown to boost employee morale, health, and well-being. A happier, stress-free or stress-reduced individual can impact their job performance, environment, domestic and personal interactions, and subsequently the national economy on so many positive levels.

We educate your employees through workshop group session and/or lectures using the question-and-answer approach to show them how to live a balanced lifestyle which will aid in achieving optimum wellness to live healthier lives.

Price: $85/hr    


Deliverance is a term used in the Christian church to break any ties that bind from spiritual bondage of any kind such as a generational curse, witchcraft, or your own negative subconscious creation that manifests in your waking life which may manifest as physical or mental illness. 
This is a form of healing specific to freeing one from the effects of negative forces.

Price: $55 per session


A non-clinical form of talk therapy coupled with use of Emotional Freedom Techniques  helps you to freely release pent up emotions leaving you  feeling rejuvenated and liberated.  
Guidance and sound advice we provide will aid you in realizing your purpose and meaning of life.

Price: $45 per session

Healing on every life area level can occur, so why not set up a session today to experience how it can help you?

Scheduled by appointment only   

Mon through Fri   7pm-8pm    

Sat  9AM- 4pm  

  Sun 9AM-4PM

To schedule an appointment call (201) 420-9224 today or click here to get started.

Note: These services are a complement to standard medical care. It should not be construed as medical advice. It is not designed to diagnose or treat and should not be a replacement for medical help. The practitioner is limited only to complement modern medicine.

Housecalls: $5 + gas/mileage + toll costs applies to each session requested in clients home or office. 

5 minutes of each session is reserved for feedback and findings.

Cancellation/Lateness Policy:

24 hour cancellation policy applies

Lateness will not be accomodated if it infringes on subsequent clients appointments. If 10 minutes late, 10 minutes will be shaved off  your session time.

Expired vouchers/certificates: Will be honored at any time. Restriction applies- only paid amount of voucher will be honored towards full value of a service. (e.g. $25 voucher credit will be applied toward a $65 full service,$ 40 balance owed at service)

The following applies to no calls-no shows & non-adherence to cancellation policy:

All customers:  no call-no shows on 2 or more occasions results in a 6 month ban from the establishment.

Livingsocial & Amazonlocal customers: Voucher will be redeemed 

Groupon customers: Voucher will be voided as payment for missed appointment/treated as redeemed.