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Enercure Health Solutions L.L.C ™ is located at 230 Liberty Ave,  Jersey City, New Jersey, USA. We offer the most unique holistic-based mobile services to help you achieve optimum wellness and balance on a mental, emotional, physical, and spiritual level.

Promote better healing, vitality and relaxation
Boost your immune system function
Rid your body of toxins
Reduce stress
Sleep peacefully
Manage chronic pain and rid mild pain
Ease anxiety, emotional, and mental tension
Clear and release energy blockages which cause disease

The A.I.M Technique, developed by Tessa LaRose, deals with the Mind~Body~Spirit as a system. It utilizes a combination of Reiki energy healing, Reflexology, and Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT).

Individual therapies such as Reiki energy healing to balance and facilitate relaxation and physical healing; Choice of 30 min or hour long Reflexology; Emotional Freedom Technique session to uncover and release any pent up negative emotions.

Holistic Coaching guides you on the path to achieving balance and health in all areas of your life. Weight loss and management is the #1 reason this service is requested.

Spiritual Deliverance is a form of healing specific to freeing one from the effects of negative forces.

Spiritual Counseling is a non-clinical form of talk therapy with the goal of liberating you from stress on a mental and emotional level. Use of Emotional Freedom Technique is utilized.


Healing can be yours. Believe it! Claim it! Live it!™ 


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