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What is Wellness? Wellness is the state of optimal well-being, having an improved quality of life resulting from enhanced physical, mental, and spiritual health. Maintaining balance is the key to life.
Balance is achieved by having all aspects and facets of your life in sync and in a harmonious state. When one is out of balance, their mental then physical state suffers.  Psychosomatic disorder in the School of Psychology acknowledges that theory.

As a result of unhappiness, anxiety or stress due to personal problems, physical symptoms may develop. We are all familiar with the headache that develops as a result of stress. Nausea, abdominal pain and chest pain, breathlessness, diarrhea and muscle pains can occur as well. These symptoms are the effect of an underlying cause.
How can we remedy that?  As a general guide we should all try to adopt the practice of Total Wellness.  Everything should be done in moderation because having equilibrium leads to a harmonious life.
Live and eat healthier. Smoking and consuming alcoholic beverages excessively will not prolong your life. Instead, it will rob you of necessary nutrients and even bone mass. So, try to shed the bad habits.

 Some of you feel that you need foreign substances in order to enjoy life, how wrong you are! Enjoy life naturally.
If you’re sedentary most of the time, try to get some exercise in your daily routine. Exercise does not have to be aerobics or high impact movements.  It’s simply any movement that elevates your heart rate. (e.g.walking, daily chores such as vacuuming, yoga,sex, etc). 
Eat what you want, but if you know you eat too much, cut back. Portion control is key to healthy living. You do not have to give up foods you love, if you want that chocolate cake, go for it.
Chocolate is healthy for you (the darker the better)! Cut back on lots of “anything” (sweets, grease, salt).
Although food is for sustenance it should be enjoyed as well. Food brings society together. Think about all the events you may attend. The one commonality despite nationality, race, or class is the serving of foods.
Food is not the enemy. It gives us the energy we seek to get through our day and our cell makeup is reflective of what we choose to put into our bodies.Remember, moderation is key! If you eat a lot of processed foods, limit your intake, and go the natural route at least once in a while.  
Processed foods require a great deal of chemical “processing” in order to get to its final state (e.g. enriched flour which isn’t naturally white, it takes a factory using chemical components to strip it and process it to that state). Therefore removing necessary nutrients vital to our body’s health and well being.

Try to incorporate more 'live' foods into your diet so that you can feel alive on a cellular level. Live foods are fruits, vegetables, and anything sprung from the earth.

Mental health has to do with how you feel about yourself, how you feel about others, and how you are able to meet and handle the demands of life. Your mental state is determined by the mind's thoughts and thought- processes.  
Thoughts are a controlled phenomena.  Therefore, you have the ultimate power to control how you feel about yourself and how you respond to the environmental factors around you.  

Negative thoughts produce negative energy. Negative energy hinders our growth as individuals, and it plays a role in certain misfortunate events that may occur within our lives. 
The key to healthy living is positive thinking. Positive thinking gives you the ability to see the upside in every situation you may face.  Learn to empower yourself. Get to know your strengths and weaknesses. Know your abilities, and try to gain understanding through your experiences. You will come to appreciate who you are. 

Be optimistic, and see the positive where there may be negatives. When you have a healthy dose of confidence, no one can bring you down. So, like who you are and have a positive self image, but if you dont-it is time to work on it.
Have empathy for your fellow man. Empathy means putting yourself in another's shoes and trying to gain their perspective,and not just your own viewpoints. This is the key to understanding and tolerance.
No one will ever reach an ultimate state of perfection, especially in one lifetime, but we can try to get there as close as possible.
If you find your inspiration in reading scriptures in the bible please opt for the International Version, not the King James version. We do not speak the Old English Language used hundreds of years ago, so instead of purchasing this outdated version that you cannot comprehend, buy a language that is easy to understand so that you can get the true messages of the biblical books.
There are many resources to aid in the practice of positive thinking. Check out your local libraries or bookstores for titles of other great authors that may inspire you to live a better life.
Spirituality has a broad meaning, and the meaning is open to interpretation. But the basic ideology of spirituality encompasses one seeking a higher truth (done in solitude- not communal), trying to achieve a higher level of wisdom and understanding in relation to their place in the world; therefore trying to gain that understanding how it ties in to the Universe and to a higher power (God).
Spirituality is the spirit’s/soul’s search for freedom from earthly ties, seeking out a special relationship with God/Most High.  You’ll rarely ever see an atheist trying to achieve “spirituality”.
Spirituality, however, is not to be confused with being religious. Religion is more structural in its practices and beliefs, and most times has a leader as head - to lead the flock, so to speak.   

Religion is a social order and is very necessary to maintain order in society. It provides some people with that sense of community to help them cope with the stress of living.

Both practices of spirituality and religion have common ground in that they require a level of faith and belief in a higher power (Most High/God). Whichever practice works best for you, do it!

The past does not determine your future. Change your circumstances today!

-Authored by Tessa LaRose, Founder of Enercure Health Solutions