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Our mission is to promote natural holistic wellness services to our clients. We offer the most unique holistic-based mobile services to help you achieve optimum wellness and balance on a mental, emotional, physical, and spiritual level.

Promote better healing, vitality and relaxation
Boost your immune system function
Rid your body of toxins
Reduce stress
Sleep peacefully
Manage chronic pain and rid mild pain
Ease anxiety, emotional, and mental tension
Clear and release energy blockages which cause disease

Services can be done in your home/office, or mine by appointment only. Open hours of operation make it convenient to cater to your schedule.


Tesheca LaRose

Tess LaRose is the founder and main practitioner at Enercure Health. She was formally trained and certified in Reiki energy healing, Reflexology. She has studied the practice of EFT and is familiar with most alternative medicine modalities.

Her mission in life is to be of service to humanity by being an inspiration and helping to lead, empower, and motivate others to make constructive changes in seeking a better way of life.

She is an educator, does public speaking engagements, writes online health articles, and volunteers her healing services to churches and Compassionate Care Hospice along with being a child advocate for CASA Organization.

Due to the overwhelming amazing results her clients have experienced, she has developed her own unique method called Algorithmic Intuitive Method or A.I.M™, which incorporates the various modalities she has used on clients throughout the years.

This method can be taught and duplicated. Tess offers workshops and certification classes. 

Healing on every life area level can occur, so why not set up a session today to experience how it can help you?

Scheduled by appointment only   

Mon through Fri   7pm-8pm 

Sat  9AM-4pm 

  Sun 9AM-4pm

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